Banda de alergare HORIZON 7.0 AT

Prețul inițial a fost: 7.799 lei.Prețul curent este: 5.899 lei.

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Banda de alergare HORIZON 7.0 AT- Greutate utilizator 147kg, Putere motor3CP, Inclinare 0-15%, 8 programe antrenament, 7 ani arantie pt motor si cadru

Banda de alergare HORIZON 7.0 AT este dotata cu un sistem de amortizare variabil, cu trei zone, oferind flexibilitate si suportul ideal in timpul fiecarei etape a antrenamentului.

Viteza: 0,8 – 20 km/h
Inclinare: 0 – 15%
Ecranul afiseaza urmatoarele informatii: timp, distanta, inclinatie, viteza, calorii, ritm cardiac
Sunt incluse 8 programe de antrenament.



Greutate maxima utilizator: 147kg

  • Cadru: pliabil
  • Suprafata de alergare: 152 × 51 cm
  • Motor: 3.0 CP
  • Viteza: 0,8 – 20 km / h
  • Inclinare: 0 – 15%
  • Consola: LED 7″+ aplicatia FitDisplay
  • Conectivitate: Bluetooth 4.0 + Bluetooth audio
  • Functii afisate: timp, distanta, inclinatie, viteza, calorii, ritm cardiac
  • Receptori puls integrati in manere
  • 8 programe de antrenament
  • Dimensiuni: 193 x 92 x 152 cm
  • Dimensiuni pliata: 104 x 91 x 178 cm
  • Greutate produs: 115kg
  • Greutate maxima utilizator: 147kg

Reviewuri clienți:

Our First Treadmill
★★★★★ Phil Sisson

Great treadmill
★★★★★ Karen Turney

I bought the treadmill on March 3,2021 and now have gone over 320 miles walking and running. Johnson Fitness did the setup and did a great job. Love easy to use dials for speed and incline. Speed changes are smooth and quick. I am so glad to have this treadmill in my health regiment.
★★★★★ David Leptich

Great treadmill for running. I average 3.2 miles per run at around 8:30 mile pace and its working great for me.
★★★★★ Tyler Booth

Works great. Everything we wanted out of a treadmill
★★★★★ Harold And Lisa Illinger

This treadmill meets all my home exercise needs with respect to walking; especially when the weather doesn't permit a walk outdoors!
★★★★★ Steve Buxton

Very nice, perfectly functional treadmill that is as pleasurable to run on as a treadmill can be. If I could change anything, I would appreciate an actual cup holder, and a wider, more accommodating shelf for a tablet, etc.
★★★★ Chris Arbak

I love my new Treadmill.
★★★★★ Kathy Oddo

This treadmill is everything we hoped it would be.
★★★★★ Grady Garrison

Great machine with a lot of features and a great price
★★★★★ Robert Ward

Machine is very stable and the track belt is comfortable to walk on. I am enjoying using g it very much.
★★★★★ Steve Ernst

Everything about this was hassle free. Insanely nice staff who are very helpful, quick and painless delivery and installation. The treadmill itself is as smooth as any in a gym I've been to, great incline and smooth treadmill. Coming back here for all my big purchases
★★★★★ Ryan Garland

Without a doubt the Horizon T7 Treadmill is magnificent for home use. It is quiet, has multiple walking or running choices and monitors your basic heart rate, pulse as well as distance and calories. The program allows for multiple users with different programs.
★★★★★ Walter Robalino

So far everything is fine, have only had it for a couple weeks. Use it every other day. Love the treadmill, just what I needed to get walking again, good or bad weather it is always the same in my house, and I can watch TV while working out!
★★★★★ Greg Stalker

Great machine with great features and great service
★★★★★ D ram

Great quality treadmill
★★★★★ Laura Cutia

This has been a very good treadmill. Probably more bells and whistles than we need, but has been strong and reliable to date. %0AHandles for heart rate awkward, too low. %0ALength of treadmill perfect and quiet operation.
★★★★★ Mann William

This treadmill meets our expectations. It is easy to use and is energy conscious too. The treadmill was purchased to help with continuing cardiac rehab. We can place a cell phone or tablet on the treadmill and either listen to a podcast or watch a movie. The treadmill has a nice smooth action. It definitely meets our needs.
★★★★★ Paula Volk

The treadmill has lived up to everything I expected out of this product. It is a great edition to my weight loss goal.
★★★★★ Angelo Tankersley

Love it! Works great. Quiet and the installers were great.
★★★★★ Sean Campbell

So far, we're happy with Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill!
★★★★★ Kam Ng

Got this one to replace our old treadmill. Transition went very well. Got delivered and set up really quick. This unit has met all of our expectations. Very quiet unit. Works just like it should.
★★★★★ AL Eckhoff

My wife and I have been using the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill for a few weeks now, and it meets our exact needs. It has all the features of a much more expensive treadmill, without some of the unnecessary bells and whistles that would inflate its price. One of the best things about this treadmill is that it costs less than $1,000. We are seniors that powerwalk, we don't use it for running. The deck is comfortable and we love the convenient hand controls that are used to increase/decrease speed and incline while you're walking. All in all, we feel very happy that we chose the Horizon 7.0 AT.
★★★★★ Joe Tranchitella

I love the new treadmill. It's really well-made and I find it very easy to use. Thank you.
★★★★★ David Finkelstein

As a retired marathoner I just needed something to supplement winter outdoor runs. I called Johnson and he suggested a more expensive model but I told him I mostly run outside. He then told me the 7.0 would be good fit and in my price range. So far it%E2%80%99s great. Very comfortable for slow runs and plenty of tread space on the sides and front/ behind. The Bluetooth works great and I can even put my laptop and iPad in the holder so that I can use my media. Very happy with this purchase and with Johnson Fitness
★★★★★ Karen

Love this treadmill. It's exactly what I wanted and a big step up from my old one. Transitioning from one speed or incline to another is so easy and convenient. My only complaint would be the tiny fan but to me that isn't a big deal!
★★★★★ Tracy Sassaman

Good value for the cost
★★★★★ Lisa Finley

A really nice treadmill, just what I wanted and needed. The delivery process and setup went smoothly...I definitely recommend paying a little extra for having someone else set it up professionally!
★★★★★ Michelle Wirth

My wife and I (at our late 70s) started the exercise routine on our cross Atlantic cruise from Barcelona to New York last mouth. We decided to setup a gym at home and brought the 7.0 AT treadmill
★★★★★ Ming Louie

Assistance at the showroom made my purchase very easy and without any stress. Salesperson was attentive and informative.%0AShipping took place as scheduled with uneventful delivery. The delivery and installation personnel were attentive, efficient and informative. I was pleased with both the sales and delivery/set up process. I am happy with the treadmill. This treadmill offers everything I need to maintain aerobic conditioning.
★★★★★ Robert Rosenberg

Great treadmill not so great manual
★★★★ Roland Alexander

We have been using our treadmill for 2 weeks now and have been very happy with it. Easy to use and very well built, a great value.
★★★★★ Bill

Happy, except the how to use instructions are not very good. Still cannot get the treadmill to remember previous use settings
★★★★ Greg Klinepier

Alan Pedinoff is very helpful with customer. He is excellent customer service. I am very happy to purchase the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill from Alan Pedinoff from Johnson fitness and wellness.I will recommend him to my friends and my family.%0AI am very happy with the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill.%0AThank you Alan and Johnson fitness and wellness.
★★★★★ Lan Truong

Very happy with the treadmill. Wire glove set up made it easy for delivery and start up.
★★★★★ Cindy Schaller

Solid treadmill. My wife and I use it daily. Everything is great so far.
★★★★★ Dominic Canzanese

I'm a very satisfied customer with this treadmill, feels like a pro piece of equipment without going to a gym.
★★★★★ Tracy Thomas

We really like our treadmill
★★★★★ Marsha Dayman

Great service and honesty
★★★★★ Sunny Yeh

Very pleased with our purchase.
★★★★★ John/Kelly Hilliard

I've had it now for 2 weeks and use it everyday. I like how quiet it is, and the display windows are easy to read. However, I wish there was a way to keep my User information stored prior to starting my manual program, rather than having to put in my speed, incline and time. I do the same routine daily and it would be nice just to dial my User # and press start. If there is a way to accomplish this, please let me know. Other than that, I am glad I decided on this model. I owned 2 Lifespan folding models prior to this purchase.
★★★★★ James Cunningham

codruta angelescu
codruta angelescu
11:52 08 Oct 22
Am cumpărat o banda de alergare acum aproape un an și e perfecta, iar personalul a fost serios si profesionist - atât dl la vanzari cât și dl care a venit pentru instalare.
ovidiu damian
ovidiu damian
14:43 07 Dec 20
In comparație cu alti dealeri de echipamente de fitness aici am întâlnit un lucru rar!Bunul simt!Bunul simt manifestat de către receptionera!Bunul simt manifestat de consilierii de vânzare care nu sunt interesați sa iti ia banii cu orice preț!Sper ca și calitatea produselor sa fie la nivelul bunului simt al personalului!Kudos!
Gabriel Popa
Gabriel Popa
12:42 09 Apr 20
Amabilitate maximă din partea personalului.Flexibili în afaceri,transparenți și profesioniști 100%
Lulea Sorin
Lulea Sorin
15:03 12 Sep 19
Depozit aparatură fitness
catalin cojocaru
catalin cojocaru
16:39 13 Mar 18
Echipamente din segmentul premium pentru sali de fitness sau home use
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Banda de alergare HORIZON 7.0 AT